Hello, my name is Banhorn and I’m an Altholic

Last week I rounded out my stable of alts; I rebuilt my four-character team and added alts to experiment with two classes I’ve generally shunned: the minstrel and the captain. No more resisting my altholic tendencies, but my seventh slot will remain open for now.

I’ve run Camenecium, the minstrel, through eight already; it was much more fun and effective than my previous go–no succumbing to the sting of the Marsh Fly Queen in Archet this time! He’s based loosely on a bard I ran through Neverwinter Nights 2; maybe it’s time to review the plot line and borrow a few things since he doesn’t really have much of a backstory of his own. The minstrel’s shouting and music felt  less annoying, and I’m curious to see if melodic patterns across the tiers are real or imagined.

This week I’ll level the captain up to eight and start making some progress on Banhorn and Eohan who will be my co-mains for now. Maybe getting the whole group up to 20 will keep me occupied long enough to Lone Lands 2.0 to come out. Or maybe it’s time to find a 12 step program for my “problem”.