Elf Overboard!

Getting to the Irestone was the easy part; Ael slipped through the streets of Keledul unseen by the few sentries who weren’t drunk or asleep at their posts. Finding and freeing Avorthal had been much easier than expected.

That’s when Volund appeared. ”We sail north, Elf. Your time is almost…” Finding two armed elves where he expected one helpless one, he shouted, “… intruders? Attack! Come to my aid, you worthless thin-beards!” Two more dwarves burst from the hatch. Their advance forced the elves to fall back against the railing to avoid being surrounded.

Both sides paused, sizing up the situation before resuming the fight. Stars shimmered in the cold mountain air. Waves lapped against the side of the ship. Despite the dire circumstance, the moment filled Ael’s heart and he sang out,  ”A Elbereth Gilthoniel! A tiro nin!”

One dwarf blanched, dropped his weapon, and leapt into the water.  The other crumpled lifeless to the deck as Avorthal’s blade found its mark in that instant. Then Avorthal screamed, “You shall not escape me, villain!” and leaped after the terrified dwarf. Two figures shrank into the distance as the two remaining combatants with mouths agape stared dumbly after them from the deck of the Irestone…

Elf overboard!

Elf overboard!

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