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In response to a question in the Rune-keeper forums [How do you trait?]:

For my rune-keeper’s traits, I tend to default to a two-of-each approach for set bonuses and choose the third based on what I think I might be doing that night. (If I know I’m going to spend the whole session in a particular role, I’ll trait 2/5 plus the legendary capstone.) The goal is versatility and minimal retraiting for PUG skirmishes.

  • Beneditions of Peace: Linnod of Peace, Writ of Well-being
  • Cleansing Fires: Conflagration of Runes, Essence of Flame
  • Solitary Thunder: Closing Remarks, Confounding Principles
  • Legendary: Martial Training, You Shall Fall to Our Wrath, Steady Hands or Capstone

I pick my final trait from these three depending on the situation:

  • Harsh Debate (solo DPS)
  • Tale of Rage (group DPS)
  • Memorable Prose (healing)

Assuming you’re soloing, I’d recommend swapping out Rune of Endurance for Writ of Well-being. I always keep at least two Benedictions of Peace slotted so I can drop a Rune of Restoration at any attunement, and I choose traits for those two slots whose benefits don’t depend on having Nestad attunement.

The only real benefit from Rune of Endurance when solo is the rock’s increased morale. Being able to drop another rock at any time reduces the value of that effect. Writ of Well-being reduces your primary any-attunement (self) heal’s cooldown and makes it tier down rather than completely expire if you fail to refresh it. That’s equally handy in groups.

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