Star Trek Online: Best Space Wars simulator ever?

The upcoming season of Star Trek Online features an instance with a black hole, and Cryptic dev “trekhead” couldn’t resist turning it into a PVP map. Yes, boys and girls, STO just became a giant Spacewar!/Space Wars simulator with a huge graphical update!

A singular improvement to the STO landscape

That early vector-graphics arcade game ate more than a handful of my quarters in the distant past, but it’s not the only blast from that past with Season 12. Remember the Breen Rezreth Dreadnaught Cruiser? It wasn’t just the game’s Rock Lobster; it always reminded me of the Cygnus from the Disney flick The Black Hole. See for yourself:

Rezreth (left) and Cygnus (right) — with the Reman Prototype Shield, it’s even better.

I haven’t touched PVP in years even though I have many fond memories. In STO’s first year, PVP was how Klingons leveled: there was great PVP to be had at every tier all the time. Since then, balance went out the window for a bunch of reasons, and it’s just too much grind to be competitive with the min/maxers and pre-mades. Regardless, I’ve already dusted off my Rock Lobster and renamed her Cygnus. I’ll definitely queue up for this PVP map a few times before hitting the hyperspace warp-out button back to PVE.

Here’s the big unanswered question for me: Is the black hole map going to be a Foundry asset?

UPDATE: R.R.W. Cygnus with Reman Prototype Shield

The R.R.W. Cygnus approaches an interdimensional rift from Fluidic Space

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