The Kobayashi Maru Event!

PC Captains of all three factions will get to face Starfleet’s most infamous test, the Kobayashi Maru, this weekend! — Star Trek Online


Source: The Kobayashi Maru Event! | Star Trek Online

We finally get to go where everyone has wanted to go without realizing it–into the Kobayashi Maru simulator! The nacelles-as-cargo-pods kitbash is a little odd, but I really shouldn’t complain; Cryptic’s reusing the utterly gorgeous reskin of the Reliant. Many if not all of the parts for the TNG kit bashes are available, as are some really sexy modernized parts created by Cryptic for the T6 Reliant–best nacelles EVAR! So much Space Barbie fun!

The Constitution also got long-needed TLC including the pilot version and an utterly gorgeous reskinned Enterprise Refit. The pearlescent tiled hull and those swept-back struts still make me sigh. Do I love the k’t’inga more? An impossible question! But there’s no doubting Thomas Marrone‘s love of his work and his subject:

Alas, a T6 Connie is not something I possess, but I did unlock the T2 Excalibur which can wear the Connie Refit skin so I may have to tool around in sector space with her. OK, I admit it. If you saw me in sector space with an original Connie, that was the T1 Constitution from buying the game pre-launch. I’ll still run her on one of my duty assignment alts, but now I have to decide: pilot or series nacelles?

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